Press releases

Location: Aarhus University

Lab visit: Research-day at Aarhus University  

April 27, 2023

Location: ICELab, Aarhus University

Europractice activity report of 2022-2023: 


Aarhus researchers want to build artificial brains via breakthroughs in spintronics

Lab visit at INL

November 4, 2022

INL hosted students and provided them with a tour of their laboratories

Invited talk: Multi-functionality in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions  

May 15, 2023

Intermag 2023 by INL

Invited talk: Spintronics: fundamentals and applications

Dec, 2022

Petaspin 2022 by INL

Lab visit: as part of 2nd annual meeting of SpinAge project

October 27 & 28, 2022

CSIC was hosted the 2nd annual meeting of SpinAge and organized a laboratory tour for the attendees.

Invited talk: Resistive switching memory (RRAM): from device technology to applications in computing

July, 2022

Invited talk by POLIMI in IEEE Design Automation Conference

Invited talk: SpinAge

November 22, 2022

Invited talk by Tyndall in a series of talks called "Tyndall talks"

Invited talk: The present: THz spin currents on their way to applications, and the future: towards attosecond control of spin currents

May, 2022

Invited talk by UG in Spincaloritronics XI conference